Binsar Zero Point

Binsar Zero Point

Breathtaking natural beauty sprawls around the Binsar Zero Point which allures many natural addicts and avid travelers to visit this place. One can enjoy sightseeing and rejuvenate themselves amidst the captivating natural vistas of Kumaon.

Zero-point is a short trek from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourist Rest House. You can park your car at the TRH and further take the swift 2km trek to the man-made watchtower. The entry fee of the century is 150 per person (valid for 3 days) and Rs 250 for the car. this beauteous place is approximately 9 km drive from the entry point to the national park and 45 minutes (2 Km) walk after that. It takes about 50 to 60 minutes to walk uphill from the road head.

Binsar Zero Point exhibition its gorgeous landscape is perched on a hilltop. for which one needs to trek uphill. a brisk 2 Km trek will take you through the woods; you can explore the wilderness and hear the birds chirping in ecstasy. one can admire the biodiversity of the wildlife sanctuary of savor a gorgeous vista of snow-laden mountains.

One can also see the man-made watchtower offers majestic views of the Himalayas. And if you are staying at ALhito Cafe & Resorts then don’t miss out on the sunrise and sunset view from here. The view from the ALhito Cafe & Resorts is absolute bliss; you can have a cup of tea and absorb the serenity of this place.

The ideal to visit Binsar zero Point is between the months of October-November

Binsar Zero Point Is located in Binsar ( It Is the midst of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Very close to ALhito cafe & Resorts Kasar Devi.  Surrounded by a thick wood, this place is enchanting of Himalayan Range).