Places to Visit in Sattal

In the Nainital District lies Sat Tal (derived from Hindi meaning ‘Seven Lakes’), which is known for its cluster of inter-connected seven freshwater lakes. Our ALhito Resort, located at Sattal in the Kumaon Region, is surrounded by a thicket of oak and pine trees at 1370m above sea level. Sattal has been a paradise for various types of people ranging from serious travellers like bird watchers, nature photographers and nature buffs to casual travellers from honeymooners and families to enjoy a calming experience away from the rush of the cities.

ALhito Resorts assists you in enjoying this natural sight by enhancing your experience with many activities such as camping, boating, bird watching, kayaking, and visiting various eye pleasing destinations.

Sattal has a plethora of places to watch out for; we have listed a few of the tourist attractions:

Seven Lakes

Seven Lakes | Photo Courtesy:

Sattal is famous for the presence of seven interconnected lakes named after Hindu mythological figures Nal Damyanti Tal, Lakshman Tal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Panna Tal, Sukha Tal and Purna Tal.


Bhimtal | Source : Wikimedia

At a close range of 3 km from Sattal lies Bhimtal, a place to relax in nature’s best form. It is named after Bhima of Mahabharata and is jam-packed with various temples amidst the mountains and its pristine blue lake.

Subash Dhara

Subash Dhara

Within the dense oak forests of Sattal lies Subhash Dhara, a natural freshwater spring offering visitors a view of the pristine clear water stream.

Christian Ashram

Christian Ashram

Sattal Christian Ashram, since 1930, has been serving as a go-to place for a large number of Christian Studies founded by Stanley Jones, Ethel Turner and Yonus Sinha. May-June and September-October are the most preferable time to visit here due to the celebrations attended by followers worldwide without discrimination based on creed, religion, caste, or other divides.

Methodist Ashram

Methodist Ashram

A friend of Mahatma Gandhi, Stanley Jones, developed this monument in 1930. This Methodist Ashram marks the entry point of the banks of Sattal. The Ashram also accommodates St. Johns Church giving the location a feeling of solitude and serenity.

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